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What’s So Different about Lore?

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What’s So Different about Lore?
« on: March 17, 2015, 08:06:42 pm »
When it comes to tabletop roleplaying games there are a lot of options gamers can choose from, some with a lot more exposure than Lore. So the question that must be asked is, “Why another RPG?” or put another way, “Why change from the RPG system you’re currently playing and switch to Lore?”

In a nutshell, Lore takes a fresh look at the typical RPG system and has come up with something new yet classic at the same time. Yes, you’ll find some common elements that are shared by all RPGs, but Lore contains unique game mechanics that keep people coming back for more. Here are just a few of the unique aspects that make Lore new, simple, and most of all—fun!


Custom Combat—Many players call them “cinematic” or “epic” actions. Whether you like swinging the sword or casting a spell, Lore’s customizable combat mechanic allows you decide how much power to pack into your hammer or fireball through the use of Encounter Points. The more you spend the more damage and the great effect you will have on your target. If you’ve got the Encounter Points to spend, you can be truly legendary!

Layered Armor—If Aragorn can put leather over chain mail then so can you! We’ve divided the body into eight zones, each of which can be covered (i.e. stacked) with cloth, leather, chain mail, scale…you decide how much, just be prepared for the consequences to movability. And if you don’t want to bother with keeping track of what types of armor are stacked on your shoulders versus your chest or legs then you can opt out and just select a complete set of leather, chain mail, or other type of armor and the calculations are done for you.

NEW! Counterspells (pg 257 in the November 2016 release)—Whether Arcane, Cleric, Nature, or Bard, if they use invocations, they can counter invocations. Is that Litch about to try and fry the adventurers with a fireball? The party's Wizard can attempt a counter spell.

Renown—If women and children flee when you enter a village, or bar keeps fill your flagons with endless streams of ale it’s probably due to your Renown score. Renown represents an individual’s or party’s reputation or influence and is granted based actions accomplished and deeds fulfilled. Building a positive or negative Renown rating can produce some interesting situations in a game.

NEW! Collaborative Maneuvers (pg 175 in the November 2016 release)—Let your Bard join in song with, oh I don't know, the barbarian Dankrife, and create some incredible outcomes. Bards can duet with one member of any other class, combining encounter points and maneuvers or invocations for dynamic game-play not found in any other game (that we've found). Collaborative Maneuvers are exclusive to Bards, and one other player class.

Simple Gameplay—Gameplay has been designed to be simple, allowing for more roleplaying than rule clarifications. All actions in a game are governed (i.e. determined) by four categories of game checks: Readiness, Defense, Trait, and Skill. Readiness checks include Awareness and Initiative; Defense checks include rolls against a character’s External Armor; Trait checks include Vitality, Might, Agility, Intellect, Appeal, Mana, Aether, and Spirit (all of which measure a character’s over makeup); and Skills include ten special abilities that can be learned and are based on two or more traits that can be used in the game to accomplish tasks.

Over 400 Potential Character Builds—Be a Bykken Rogue, with a Thief specialization in the Path of the Fox, with some handsome bonuses in the skill of Forgery. That’s just one example out of scores of possible combinations to customize and stylize the character that’s perfect for you, right down to phobias, personal rumors, and irksome quirks. Go as simple or sophisticated as you want.

Unique Races—Sure we’ve got Elves, Dwarves, and Humans, but we’ve got Bykken, Woodkin, Gwilyte, and Woaden too, all with their own individual twists to make roleplaying interactive and challenging!

Other Releases Coming from GameFace Publishing

The Creature Codex—Bringing you hundreds of creatures—most of which you’ve never encountered before—and all of them fully-scalable in level from one to twenty-five. Oh yea…all the sentient creatures in the Codex are also playable races.

Adventure Quest Series—Each quest builds and connects with others. That odd artifact you found in one quest, it’s important in another. And that chap you spoke to at the Tavern, who gave you a clue, it’s very possible you will meet him again. Characters develop a memory that’s just as important in gameplay as in real life. Each quest series is geographically centered with several avenues for players to decide where they go—with a little helpful guidance from the Loremaster, of course.

A Whole New World—Play in your own environment or use ours, the World of Candlewood. It’s a continent of opportunities with thousands of years of legend behind it and countless dangers in front of it...and there are the prophecies to boot!

Downloadable Support—From quest teasers you can email your players, free, online character sheets, and printable props (such as maps) that can be easily downloaded we are always updated our content for your convenience. GameFace Publishing is here for you!
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