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The LORE Core Rules are FREE and ready to download now.

Over 300 pages packed with 19 classes, 7 races, 18 skills and hundreds of spells... The LORE core rules will be an invaluable collection to every gamer's library.

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Cover to LORE Core Rules by David A. Frees and Kevin M. Williams

LORE offers 8 types of classes
across five broad categories


If there’s a question, a sword, hammer or axe is the answer, with the Warrior, Dankrife, or Guardian to get the job done.


Though they fight for the helpless—the Cavalier, Knight, and Paladin take different approaches to define their cause, but their swords all swing true.


No one escapes the watchful eye of the Bowyer or Huntsman, tracking prey to its obvious defeat.


Watch every shadow, look behind every door, for these are the domain of the Assassin, Bounty Hunter and Thief.


Cryptic and volatile, dissonant and harmonious, these are the tricks and trade of the Alchemist and Bard.


Wondrous, fearful, powerful, three words common when referring to the mana-wielding Wizards and Runecrafters.


The Druid and Atavist…nature is their home, the flora and fauna theirs to protect. Cross them at your own peril.


Two sides of their religious order, the Emissary and Confessor bring their faith to the world, often at the end of a mace.

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